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My Talking Angela

Big cats and everyone, but they can be a pain. His skin is everywhere, they are constantly regretting the food, and they like to dig out the claws on the chest during sleep.

My Talking Angela offers you all the benefits of having a real cat without luggage. This virtual pet game in the same line as My Talking Tom, where you can feed, cook, enjoy, dress and play with the star Talking Angela, Tom loves Angel and Valentina Anzhely.

Katsinygarezavats Angela

There are several aspectsFor My Talking Angela, they allow you to interact with it in various ways. Element of “virtual mascot” before the game includes a normal thing: caressing, feeding, watering and putting Angela in bed. These parts are well made, but it is not original, and there is only a lot to be able to take before you get tired.

Fortunately, there are many other things to do in My Talking Angela. There are three fun minigames: Brick Breaker, Suitcase and Tiny Tower Puzzles (where you have to collect the pieces of Tetris style, toFit in the grid). These games are easy To resume and play, very addictive and although they have been given to the fact that their progress will not be saved when you leave them.

Another interesting part of My Talking Angela is a package of tags that you can unlock for leveling or tasks. Each package that is provided contains several tags, which then places in a virtual stykeralbom. You can even negotiate stickers with other players around the world. This is a great and unique aspect of the game that will keep you coming backTime and time again.

One of the characteristics of My Talking Angela, that could attract girls, in particular, is an opportunity to dress and make Angela be her neighborhood. You can change clothes and get new furniture to change the scene. Clothing and items can be purchased using the game currency obtained at Angela level, through minigames or through the purchase.

Like Talking Angela (and, in fact, the whole catalog Outfit-back «Talking»), you can make the angel repeat whatSay in the microphone, the shrill voice and twelve cat. You can also record screen videos and share with Angela.

Fluffy, family vacations

My Talking Angela is very easy to play, which makes it ideal for even younger children. All the different Chastkiz application menus will be explained, when I start using My Talking Angela, mini-game control and ultra-simple menu icons are great and clear.

When performing certain tasks, the elements to jump, to show that it is time to use them.For example, if the body of Prickly Angela’s head a little, the soul starts to jump, to show it’s time to wash it. This is a subtle but useful way of showing what to do next.

Design My Talking Angelasalodki and crazy. The rose presents much as part of the colorscheme and the nature itself is vibrant and full of life. Ángela is sharp and you can judge how she feels in her eyes and the little noises she does.

Music in minigames is optimistic and quickly stays in your head.

Purrfect-For some

My Talking Angela, of course, is not for everyone. The tasks can be uniform And boring, and the players who love Shmatdeyanni probably should avoid.

However, for some, especially young children, My Talking Angela is a fun and fun way to know how to take care of a pet.

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