WeChat 1.1 Windows 7/8 Torrent ?>

WeChat 1.1 Windows 7/8 Torrent

Clean torrent WeChat 1.1

WeChat 1.1

WeChat instant messaging is a popular service available in the mobile PC and now Windows. The desktop version allows you to chat and share files as you can in the mobile version.

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To use WeChat, you need to be logged mewngyda’ch mobile phone. Windows Mobile version is accompanied by an application. To register, you only have to iztegliteza your mobile device, enter your phone number and give verifikasiKode send

Giving access to your Contactsapp allows you to use WeChat weldsydd already. To use a Windows version, you must open the mobile app and take pictures of QR code that appears on the screen. Upon completion. WeChat for Windows opens, it looks and feels much like a mobile relationship.

prilozhenieChatsylfaen functional

With WeChat, you can chat with your contacts via your desktop, and receive notifications when you can send a link seseorangSedang files. Transfer files canmore useful on Windows, instead of a mobile device (especially if you gwsmero IOS), because you can send any kind of file you prefer via WeChat.

WeChat is quite prosta.V addition to text chat and file transfer, you can send screenshots and emoticons. It’s a good tool screen automatically contract around the window pasio.Lle WeChat behind other applications such as Skype or Facebook Messenger is a video or voice kekurangannyaObrolan

Stay connected with your phone

WeChatfor Windows Mobile applications are a useful addition to noimayte mind that you can use it without counting mobile. However, this is useful if you want arosmewn connection without looking at your phone!

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