Tekken 7 PC Boogi x64 torrent ?>

Tekken 7 PC Boogi x64 torrent

Clean torrent Tekken 7 PC

Tekken 7 PC

Games: Windows: Full Game: Angleščina

About the game:

Tekken 7 is a fighting game that focuses on one-on-one battle.

The game presents two new mechanisms. The first type of anger allows players to carry out critical attacks that lead to damage by around 30%, depending on the character when their health bar is critical change for the inactivation of the normal increase of attack power.

Other crushing power allows players to continue their attacks, though an enemy, despiteThey continue to get damaged attacks Attacked enemy attacks.

The mechanic works only for the high or medium socket. Related system that breaks character to increase its chances of additional shock will be replaced by Screven Attack,

The Sideways transforms enemies when carried to the air, so that the player can inflict a blow after reaching the dnaimaju.

The difference is connected, but the attack can not be used to make wall combos.

With the new multiplayer multiplayer systemViewing allows players to choose which side of the fabric toys.

The movement has undergone some changes and now the same mechanics of the movement in Revolution Tekken, especially when the characters go

PC system requirements


Operating system: Windows 7.8.10 (64-bit operating system)

Processor: i3-4160 @ IntelCore or equivalent

Memory: 6 MB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB 2GB HD 750T or equivalent

DirectX version 11

Storage: 60 GB of free space

SoundCard DirectX compatible sound card or boardchipset


This version of the game is already cracked – you can install and play.

More information, future updates and support

# Msg234443


After downloading:

– Open (executable file)

– Select city

– click nainstalirati

– Wait until it’s finished

– game direct access game on the desktop.

Setutor this game seed for others.


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