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Only The Brave 2017

Then everyone was created, some being firefighters. Only praise, based on the true history of granite mountains, the heroic story of the firefighting unit is the hope, determination, sacrifice and fascination to protect our family, society and one of the country’s greatest elites. Because we are all at risk, they go – our lives, our homes, see everything we guard on the road, the only one that causes a single birth. Because it is so

Only “The Brave” isbased on the Drama, with Yarnel Hill, on an elite team that fought the Arizona fire, in June 2013 there was a lightning strike. Twelve firefighters were killed, members of Mount Granite.


Subtitle: Na

Classification: NA

General information Publication date: November 02, 2017

Genre: drama

Duration: Not available

Distributor: GSC Movies

Players: Ben Hardy, Jennifer Connelly, Taylor Keith, Miles Teller

Director: Joseph Kosinsky

Format: 2D

Based on the history of the real Granite Mountain,elite firefighters are endangering everything from the city. From the historic site.

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