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Brads Status 2017

Brad’s condition, when his son Troy makes a university trip along the eastern coast, causes an internal crisis in Brad. Although he has a satisfactory career and a comfortable life in Sacramento with his wife, Melanie and his son, this is not what he represented for his future, his glorious days at university. Along the way, Brad can not help compare his life with his four college friends who spent on him: a Hollywood gap, a hedgerow funder, entrepreneur technology and the most successful author.When you make it stunning, it reflects if it’s all, and it will always look after it.

Language: English

Subtitles: No

Classification: NO

The total release date is November 9, 2017.

Genre: Comedy

Duration: Now

Distributor: TGV photos

Cast: Ben Stiller, Michael Sheen, Jenna Fisher, Luke Wilson, Austin Abrams

Directed by: Mike White

Format: 2D

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