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LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

Live! with Kelly and Ryan, formerly known as “Live with Kelly”, “Live! with Kelly and Michael” and “Live with Regis and Kelly” have been entertaining people every morning since 2001. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan take co-operation Overseas Duties as a successor of Regis have fun, energy and carism first and it’s a great game for Kelly. Once known as Dynamic Duo’s Day, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, with their daily chat sessions spontaneously and enthusiastic – and their ability to get a sponge – the couple camein each subject as they share their morning coffee with viewers. Although he was not always Regis and Kelly. The first was Regis and Kathie Lee. At the end of July 2000, Kathie Lee Gifford left the show, from that point until Febuary 2001 and the show is called “Live with Regis”. Regis had a daily hostel to find the perfect co-owner, Kelly Ripa. The show flies every morning from WABC studios in New York City. Regis Philbin, who has become a cultural icon broadcasting TV, withEmmy Award during the day for an Outstanding Show Invitation in May 2001 for “Live With Regis and Kelly”. When joining the show on February 12, 2001, the great personality of Kelly Ripa won rapidly winning American hearts from coast to coast when he joined the show in February 2001. His smile and his fast glass supplying perfect to Regis incredible style

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