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Geostorm 2017

Following an unprecedented series of natural disaster hazards on the planet, world leaders gathered to create a complex network of satellites to keep track of the global climate and keep everything safe. But now there is something wrong – a system built to protect the Earth, denouncing its race against the clock to show the real threat before global geostaram will wipe out everything.

When a networksatellites aimed at controlling the global climate are beginning to attack Earth, it is a race of clocks to make it ujawnićprawdziwe threat before World Geostorm erases everything and everything. When catastrophic climate change threatens the survival of the Earth, the governments of the world unite and create a Dutch program for men: a global network of satellites around the planet, either a geoengineering technology designedto avoid natural disasters. After successfully securing the planet for two years, something started to go wrong. Two separate brothers are occupiedGet the planet before the worldGeostorm swallows the planet.

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