Putting Myself First ?>

Putting Myself First

Recently, I was faced with a choice: do what is right for me or what is right for my career.  For the most part, what is right for your career and what is right for you tends to line up.  However, there are times that you need to put YOU over work.

Work is work.  There will always be more work.  Something will always need to be done.  Some how, this industry, this farm and these horses survived without me before, they can survive again.  I feel guilty walking away from animals that I love and feel a connection with.   I feel guilty that some one else has to pick up where I left off.

But, I only have one life and I only get one body.  I need to take care of myself.  I need to stay healthy, physically and mentally.  Choosing ME over work is a choice I will continue to make.  I still love horses and I love working with them.  As equestrians, we know our bodies and we know when we need to recharge.  Sometimes, choosing to stay “simple” in your career means that you can live a bigger and fuller life.

So here is ME choosing ME.


Simply being happy.

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