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Turning Over A New Leaf ?>

Turning Over A New Leaf

In the midst of fall, you can’t help but to think about change.  About changing, and closing one chapter to start another.  About letting go so you can move on.  Trees lose their leaves to help them survive a harsh winter filled with heavy snow and ice.  What can I let go of to help me prepare for my winter?  What is going to weigh me down when the elements try to take me down? I have decided.  I am…

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Tackling that Tough Thing ?>

Tackling that Tough Thing

We all have that one thing that we are working up to… and that one thing that terrifies us for no real reason.  We know we can do it… but…. One of the wonderful groups I follow on Facebook has inspired me to give some tips for mentally preparing to face your fear.  Many of the riders in the group were expressing their fears of cantering or cantering a new horse.  This is a VERY common issue for students.  There…

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