The Cross Ties – A Place to Prepare and Reflect ?>

The Cross Ties – A Place to Prepare and Reflect

Welcome to the The Cross Ties!
     Originally, I had anticipated running a site for the resale of used tack and other equestrian items, however, with the rise of the popularity of free groups, I was forced to reflect upon the nature of this website.  The idea of reflection and regrouping is not a bad one, in fact, it is extremely liberating.  Through the years, everyone, including me, is faced with changing circumstances.  These changes help us grow and realize what our true talents and desires are.  We may stumble, but as an equestrian, I am no stranger to picking myself up out of the dirt!  After all, riding is 90% recovery, right?
     After training and coaching many riders and horses through their anxieties, I have realized what most people crave is a safe, positive atmosphere to learn in.  We all want some one to listen to our troubles, support us when we need help, and celebrate our victories, no matter how big or small.  My hope is that The Cross Ties (TCT) can help create a team atmosphere- filled with positivity, despite the ever present harsh and judgmental peanut gallery of the equestrian world.
     I will share my experiences and stories, tips for training, and my undying love for a sport that has brought so many dear two and four legged friends into my life.  I hope you enjoy these posts and find TCT to be a source of support for your riding!
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